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Most of the piercings have different sizes, like length, thickness, diameter, and so on…

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With the thickness we mean the thickness of the bar.

Most usable thicknesses are 1,2mm (labret, BCR, circular barbell, eyebrow, earrings, fake piercings, etc…) and 1.6mm (tongue/barbell and belly piercings, etc…).


With the length we mean the lengthens of the bar. Here, there are much more different sizes, it would be better that you measure your size or that you ask your piercer.


With diameter we mean the diameter between one end and the other.

It is mostly used with tunnels, plugs, BCR, earrings, balls, stretchers, etc…

Also better measure first your size, or ask your piercer.

What sizes in which piercings are the most used.

Belly ring:

  • thickness 1.6mm
  • length 10mm

Tongue piercing:

  • thickness 1.6mm
  • length 16mm


  • thickness 1.2mm
  • length 8mm

Nose piercing:

  • thickness 0.8mm-1.0mm


  • thickness 1.2mm
  • length 8mm

Circular barbell (horseshoe):

  • thickness 1.2mm (mostly used)
  • 1.6mm


  • thickness 1.2mm (mostly used)
  • 1.6mm


  • thickness 1.2mm
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