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Place a twister piercing in your helix

Nowadays, many men and women have body adornments such as piercings or tattoos. Piercings may be a little less permanent than a tattoo. You can have piercings placed in different areas of your body. Like in your ears, your nipples, your navel, your eyebrow or for example a twister piercing in a helix. In addition, you have many different types of piercings. Like the twister piercing. 


What is a twister piercing?

The name says it all. It is a piercing with a "twist" that goes all the way around but is bent in such a way that the ends come next to each other. A twister piercing is relatively unknown and by is worn by few people. The biggest reason why this form of piercing is not popular is because many people do not know where to wear the piercing. The big advantage of this is that you can easily stand out with the twister piercing.


Wear the twister piercing in your helix:

Because the piercing is almost completely round, it seems difficult to wear. Therefore, wear the twister piercing in your helix. Your helix is the edge of your auricle that is folded over. The name helix comes from Greek and means spiral, just like the shape of the piercing twister! Because of the "twist" in the piercing, the gem looks beautiful in your helix. The twister piercing in your helix is not the only beautiful place on your body where you can wear the piercing. In your lip, for example, the gem also looks beautiful. A tip: if you wear the spirale piercing in your lip, choose a model without a spike. This is not dangerous but it can be annoying because the piercing can sting on your lip.
The last place where this piercing looks nice is in your navel. The piercing twister is more directional in design than many other navel piercings. This then makes for a nice change and this makes your body unique. 


Easily order your twister piercing at Evy's Secrets:

With the search filter on our webshop, you can easily and quickly order your piercings. You can filter on color, diameter, the thickness of the rod and the ball. In addition, we ensure that every week new jewelry is added to our website, so you have plenty of choice! Our webshop is the always the cheapest. And if you place an order of more than 15 euros, your jewelry will arrive for free.

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