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The most sold an the most available piercing on our site,, is made of surgical steel 316L.

The biggest advantage of surgical steel 316L is that it never rust, because the material has a high corrosion resistance.

Surgical steel 316L is best used after you have been pierced yet.


Titanium G23 is mostly used to pierce. Titanium G23 doesn’t contain any nickel and is therefore ideal if you don’t want any irritations or inflammations.

Titanium G23 is a little more expensive than Surgical steel 316L but is highly recommended if you need to pierce for the first time.

We use grade 23, which is implant grade. No higher qualification exists.


Acrylic come in many forms and under many different names, like teflon, PTFE, silicone, resin, etc…

There is a lot of acrylic body jewelry and accessories available.

It’s inexpensive, versatile, very light and comes with a big variety of colors.

One of the problems with Acrylic, is that you cannot put it into the autoclave.

It’s also not good when it comes in contact with alcohol, so not so easy to keep an Acrylic piercing clean.


Also named Nylon, teflon, etc… are favored over Acrylic piercings, because they are autoclavable and flexible.

Bioflex is sometimes an option for someone with a severe sensitivity to all metal jewelry, and has a lower rejection rate.

Bioflex is also very good when having tongue piercings, so your teeth are not damaged.


Silicone is a material that is very pliable and stretchable.

Very flexible and of course very good for those who cannot tolerate steel piercings.

They are not highly recommended for piercings, but good for stretching “ears”.


Piercings made of wood has great versatility.

It is a very light material made mostly from subtropical wood. As it it mostly handmade, sometimes small differences can occur between the jewels.

Try to avoid contact with water.

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